If you manage a non-profit or own a small business you have felt the pull of establishing a presence in social media. So, you've built a Facebook page. You established a Twitter account. You may have even built a profile on LinkedIn.

That's a great step one in expanding your reach in the world of social media.

Now what?

If you're like most non-profits and small businesses you've posted the occasional status update or tweet, usually revolving around an event you are doing. 

But, as time passes you struggle with keeping up with the demands of social media.

And the demands are constant.

Someone has to come up with the messages. Someone has to post the messages. Someone has to communicate with your fans. And, if you're like most organizations, this task is added to someone else's already long list of responsibilities.

This leads to inconsistent presence and uneven messaging.

The end result... your social media presence is a disappointment.

This is where SM THREE comes in.

For less than the cost of a part time employee we will manage all aspects of your social media.

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